A Dad's Journey pt 1

Over the last few years we have been racked with one grieving journey after another. I was in a deep depression for most of 2017 not even realizing what was going on. In October my body, mind and spirit had finally had enough. I felt God's touch to get help. So thats what I did. I reached out and found a therapist that started helping me get back on track and I was feeling great. Going on a month of starting to feel like myself again our pastor at church spoke a word over someone in the congregation. He said, " There is someone out there that is going through something right now and God just wants you to know that He wants you to trust in Him. That he will take care of you and walk with you through this." He continued, "everything that you know right now with your family, marriage, business is all going to change but He's going to be right there with you the whole way." As I stood there listening it took every ounce of strength for me to stand. I was knee deep in tears. I can remember this like it was yesterday. A little over a week later our precious Lenora James joined our Father in Heaven. We were three days from the due date and excited to bring home another miracle. What we didn't know is that we would only be bringing home her ashes. She lives in our hearts, she lives through this company, and she lives in Heaven. She lives with every monarch butterfly we see and every sun peaking through on a cloudy day. We will never forget her, we will always love her, and we hope that through her we can help those that have gone and will go through this. This is how our journey started.

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Our mission is to give hope to families that have lost their child through stillbirth or any other unexpected circumstance. By shining the light through uniquely made candles and other merchandise offered. We believe that there is a significant purpose to each purchase.


Through the love of Christ, we hope to provide families with compassion and hope by partnering with organizations that uplift and walk with others through the waves of grief. Our vision is to connect families that have suffered an unimaginable loss. Create a place of support, offer ways to communicate and withstand the challenges that come with loss, and most importantly give people a fighting chance to keep our babies lives shining through the light of every candle lit.

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